October 27, 2016

3 Google Drive tips to boost your productivity

I’m going to share with you 3 of my best time-saving tips that you probably don't know about which will supercharge your productivity with Google Drive.

Google Drive is pretty amazing and not just for keeping your stuff safe. Being a cloud -first service there are so many awesome ways to streamline your business which lucky for us Google enables in an intuitive and secure way. But sometimes the small tasks suck so much time out of a project and can drain you of your energy better used for being creative.

I’m going to share with you 3 of my best time-saving tips which most people wouldn’t know about that will supercharge your productivity with Google Drive.

Link to your most searched items

As a cloud-based service Google Drives features are an easy click away in your browser, but have you noticed that the URL address in your browser window changes as you move around Drive?

Go ahead and try it → drive.google.com

Screenshot 2016-10-12 at 10 18.53 AM.png.jpg

As well as directly linking to a folder through the share options but other features such as search are also available from a direct link.

Click in the search window in Drive and create a search query for your most commonly needed files, I’ve chosen to search for my Better Scheduling sheet…. Once you have your search variables set then click … search!

Screenshot 2016-10-12 at 10.25.36 AM.png

As you can see it’s found all my Sheets with WFM2GCAL in the title which is awesome but did you notice that the URL changed too?

Screenshot 2016-10-12 at 10 27.40 AM.png.jpg

You can see it’s added the search parameters to the end of your Drive URL, you can use this to quickly search for your most commonly needed items. If you use Better Scheduling then here's a practical example for you to try out, click this link and it will search and find your Better Scheduling for WorkflowMax sheets in your drive:

Find my Better Scheduling Sheets

See how easy that is? For those who aren't using Better Scheduling then here's a simple example that is sure to find results:

Find PDFs not owned by me


Find PDFs that are owned by me.

So I’m going to add my WFM2GCAL link to my favorites like so:

Hey just so you know, if the above sentance looks weird with no spaces... trust me I know... there seems to be a bug with the rich text editor at the time of writing... carry on!

Now when you click on this favourite link it will open drive and auto-magically search for your requested items… cool huh? Saves me a bit of time searching for those files every time.

Bonus Tip: If you share items in Google Drive with your customers, why don’t you make their life easier by creating a search link for the doc you want them to open and email them the URL…. this will open up in their Google Drive and save them the hassle of manually searching!

Document Quick Copy

Even though opening a Google Doc is fairly fast sometimes waiting for it to load is frustrating - especially if you're in a rush - so here’s a way to shave valuable seconds off the process by making a copy of a Doc without even opening it.  This works for almost any native Google Docs, Sheets, Drawings, Slides etc in Drive.

This is really simple, when you copy the link from the URL in the address bar of your browser or from the Share options it will usually look like this:

Browser URL:


Share Link URL:



All you have to remove the end part up to the last slash (bold text) and add the work “copy”, so your URLs should look like this:


Go ahead and click on the above link, this gives you your own copy of these tips to save in your Google Drive

Bookmark the link you created for easy access then you can make super fast copies of your documents, great for creating a template library

Bonus Tip: Send these links in emails to make it easy for your clients or coworkers to make copies of documents too! If the document isn’t already shared Google will prompt you to share it when you send, or get your admin to set the sharing defaults in your G Suite admin panel settings to further streamline the process (There is a special bonus item at the end…. What  could it be??!!).

Dedicated Public Folder

Do you find yourself enabling individual files for public viewing?  Save yourself time by creating a dedicated public folder so when you need to enable public access to a file, just drop it in the folder and voila! You’re done!

FILES - Google Drive.jpg

I colour public folder RED so I can easily identify in an effort to stop myself from accidentally adding a file in there that shouldn’t be publicly available!

This also works great for other shared files too, I do this with my Client Resources site where I have client contracts and service agreements that I want to make easily available and always accessible to my clients but I don’t want them exposed to the public.

CLIENTS - Google Drive.jpg

So I created a folder specifically for my client only docs and share them to my clients, that way only they can see the docs when they are logged into their Google accounts and it's safe from public view.

Screenshot 2016-10-12 at 11 07.17 AM.png.jpg

Set Drive sharing default preference - Bonus Item WOOHOO!

Google made it really easy to share docs with a link, and they also made it super super easy to just add that link or doc to an email and set the sharing after you click send:

Inbox - kris@shooshmonkey com - Shoosh Monkey IT Solutions Mail.jpg

I prefer to only share to the recipient with view access only, so I don’t have to always change the settings before sending the email I set it as a default.

To do this either you or your admin needs to go to your G Suite admin panel and navigate to Apps > G Suite > Drive and Docs > Sharing Settings then under the Access Checker settings set your preferences:

Now when you send an email that contains a link to a document that isn’t already shared with the recipients you will still be prompted to share but your preferred settings will already be selected… now I can just click Share & send

I hope you got some cool tricks that will increase your productivity or streamline your tasks when using Google Drive. Want more?

Get the G Suite Basics for FREE with my self-paced email training course here ---> http://www.shooshmonkey.com/#Learn-Google-Apps or if you want more advanced training, hints and tips like this then we have Beginner to Advanced courses which are all part of our Cloud Concierge Service.

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