February 21, 2017

Better Scheduling for WorkflowMax | Update

Emergency Update regarding version 3.6 of Better Scheduling for WorkflowMax

Recently we have noticed a problem in the script file that is the "backbone" to Better Scheduling. I mistakenly forked the file, meaning I created a duplicate of the same file which has had an impact to time/timezone settings as the incorrect file was being updated during setup.

I have since fixed this issue and released a minor update (version 3.6.1) and even though the issue was minor and I had only 1 reported instance I felt it necessary to inform everyone who has downloaded a version since February 8th 2017.

If you noticed that your sheet was not syncing the correct times or irregular times please, clean all your calendars and trash that sheet.

Then take a copy of the new sheet using the link above and set it up

For those who haven't noticed any issue then you don't have to setup a new version and can continue your trial. 

I want to express my sincerest apologies for the mistake, and if you were affected please get in touch and I will extend your trial from the date of setting up the new version. 


Chief Monkey

P.S. don't forget if you want regular updates, please send me your sheet details using the menu item Better Scheduling menu > SEND sheet details to support 

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