November 1, 2016

Create your own Google Doc template gallery

Waiting for Google to update their tired old template gallery? How about making your own!

Do you find the old template gallery clunky and unappealing?

Wish you could add your own personal templates to the new flashy template gallery in Google Docs?

I did....

I'm going to show you how I use templates in G Suite and how you can easily set this up in your business.

Man does the old template gallery look uninspiring..... oh yeah not to mention I did put a template in there but it disappeared...

The new version looks wonderful with it's new designs and simple user interface but alas... I (we) can't put anything in it.... yet.

And finding a doc, opening it up and then making a copy adds soooo much time to your work, 


I thought I should share my version of a template gallery that I use everyday and you can create too.

First step is to create a NEW Doc as you normally would (

Get some basic text so that you can format it easily, I chose the Lorem Ipsum generator site here-->

mmm... Lorem Ipsum

Now start breaking the paragraphs up and for each line select the style you want and format it to taste

Format your style settings

Then when you are happy with your style settings name your file appropriately (so you recognise it as a template, I use the prefix TMPL )and save to your Drive somewhere.

Now delete all the text so that it's blank and click on the share button

And copy the link from the Link sharing section

In Notepad or Doc or something similar paste the URL you just copied, then remove the last part of the text up to the last forward slash '/' like this:

remove the "edit?usp=sharing" text
add "copy" to the end of your URL

Now copy your new URL and move on...

In your browser choose the folder you want to make your new template gallery or create it by right-clicking and select Add Folder.

I chose the original name of "Templates".... easy huh?

Now right click in that folder and select Add page

Paste the name of your template document and the URL we just created. Click save and your done.

Now when you need a new template, just go to your folder and select the link, this will take you to a page where you can make a copy of the Doc without having to open it first.

peace out.

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