October 26, 2016

Google for Work is now G Suite

Google just introduced it's rebranded Google for Work platform: G Suite. Get the lowdown and the new features it brings.

Welcome G Suite. The new intelligent Google for Work platform.Some of you may have read the news in the last few days that Google for Work is being renamed. What does this mean for everyone? Not a lot really except now people like me have to rebrand our training materials....

But there are some very cool features being released in tandem which will deliver some radical enhancements to the existing  product range which I'll go though shortly.

It does however clearly demonstrate that Google is gearing the marketing machine up to compete for the lion's share of the cloud productivity services market. I for one welcome our new overlords and their flashy new pants. I'm cheering for them of course as I really believe in the way Google thinks about technology. It's the same way I think about it ….no limits and always exploring and asking “is there a better way to do X”? And as they did with Chrome against the tyrannical Internet Explorer, over time G Suite I believe will become the dominant player in this space.

MS you had your time. As an Active Directory admin for over 10 years and seeing very little in the way of innovation in that space, I think I can say that. Moving on.

As I mentioned Google's timing with their new branding for business isn't just surface level. They are also introducing machine learning capabilities to support all of their services and...they are only scratching the surface. Their new direction is summed up nicely in one sentence:"G Suite is a set of intelligent apps—Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, and more—designed to bring people together, with real-time collaboration built in from the start."The accompanying video they released with the name change is [in my opinion] a little weird….interesting maybe…. I can see what they want to achieve with it….I’m still not quite sure about it..... Time will tell if it works and I'm wrong….

Here's a little breakdown of some intelligent additions you will see in the coming weeks.

Smarter Drive Storage | Quick Access

Drive has been learning about your habits and is putting that knowledge to good use, now you can find your common use files faster as it will present them to you in a swipe panel menu on open, still pretty basic but hey… I guess they don't want to scare everyone.

smarter Drive Storage

Smart Scheduling

Find times that everyone can meet much more easily with Google Calendars Smart Scheduling. GCAL will make suggestions on time and which meeting room based on everyone's availability and locale so no more “back and forth”. Even though I use youcanbook.me for easy scheduling it still doesn't solve the group booking process…. Now it doesn't have to.

Smart Scheduling | G Suite

Smarter Sheets

This is brilliant as I do get asked questions all the time like “how do I do X”... well now with machine learning you can ask the question in regular ‘people speak’ and Google will return the most appropriate functions that can achieve what you need.

Even smarter sheets... neat!

Smarter Documents

Googles introduction of their explore feature in Docs means no more switching between apps to find the data that is relevant to your project, just hit explore and you have the power of search at your fingertips… but that’s not all, explore can intelligently find data for you and make suggestions on other content or find images for you… we’ll explore these features soon.

Smart Docs | G Suite

Smarter Slides

Bringing the same feature to Slides your presentations should be a breeze to create and being a machine learning technology, it will get smarter the more you use it! A little scary for some but this could get ridiculous… in the best of ways!

Smart Slides | G Suite

Drive for Teams

OH YEAH!!! This is going to be a winner.  So many people get confused with who's folder is who’s and what happens when someone does what??.... And rightly so. I agree it should have never started like this BUT we now have team folders that are owned by the business, not individuals.  Awesome… i’ll dive into this more as it’s available.

Google Drive for Teams | G Suite

Meetings for Teams

A better meeting experience, more allowed users, new interface overhaul and the introduction of dial in numbers + more.  This should be another great win as sometimes Hangouts can feel a little clunky even though it’s such an advanced and mature service.

Smart Meetings | G Suite

I’ll explore these in depth as they are available and be adding them to our Learn G Suite free and paid courses.

It is how it could be….Onwards and upwards Google!https://cloud.googleblog.com/2016/09/all-together-now-introducing-G-Suite.html

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