December 14, 2016

Signature Block

Create a modern professional signature block easily with Google Docs

Creating a simple yet professional signature block for Gmail can be done and it's doesn't have to be text only.  But how do you create a modern HTML like signature block without knowing coding?  Google Docs of course! Here's some simple tricks so you can make one yourself.

Generally to make a multimedia signature block you would need to know a bit of HTML/CSS or find a program or service that made the creation easy to do, but you have the tools at your finger tips.... for free!

Google docs is an effective application because it can be used on anything as it's a web app and has the familiar user interface of a "word processor" so the learning curve of another app or service is eliminated.

The secret with Google docs is using a table to align all your elements like you would with HTML. Then style with the text formatting tools like you would CSS.  And don't forget this can be done in Microsoft Word but I'm tailoring this to Google Apps users.

The hardest part is getting the sizing and position right, if your like me you want it perfect!  Quick tip: if you find the positioning of things too spread out then reduce the padding in the table properties (remember it's in inches.... C'mon Google bring in the metric system!) and drag your cells in closer.

Also if you need multiple cells the same size then you can set a hard width and height in the table properties too but remember this is a cell by cell property so copy and paste your values.

I have created this guide over at our help section to show you how and shared the template I used to create my own signature block for you use as a guide or just copy mine!

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