February 19, 2017

Why I'm betting on messaging over email

Messaging is the new frontier in providing better support and customer service, here's why i'm all in!

I 💙 Messaging…. And not the SMS kind.

Although that is the granddaddy to our instant messaging platforms of today so…. Respect dawg!

Oh yeah! Playing Snake on the old Nokia

I’m talking about the kind that you need an internet connection to use like WhatsApp, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger or Slack. I love how I can be easily connected to people all the time and they can get that human touch from a support person without getting tangled in technology.

The only problem is….. there are too many to choose from!

But that fact alone just proves that messaging is the next evolutionary stage in our online technical timeline. Chat apps on websites are abundant these days but that is merely the proving ground to support what is believed to be the new frontier.

Being closer to people (and of course your customers) can be risky and is more time consuming but the advantages are well worth the effort.


I put this first because even though I love technology we have been using it in a way that removes us from the customer and therefore it takes more touch points for a customer to trust us before they are willing to tell us their problems … or….. even hand over their hard earned money.

Talking with someone live immediately builds trust and reassures them that someone is there to help…. An action like filling out a webform simply can't achieve.

I learnt this the hard way with building Better Scheduling for WorkflowMax, who was I to offer this product to a crowd of people that had never known me? I had an innovative product but people wouldn't buy it because they knew nothing about me or what I stood for.

I'm now accessible to them and that builds trust.

Brand personality

Instant messaging has allowed my personality to come through in the way I write, I'm an unconventional casual conversationalist….(you'll never hear me say that again, whoa what a mouthful!)......

Lots of broken sentences with “.”, silly monologues that barely make sense, weird spelldings and light sprinkles of idiotic but humorous self-criticism.

Where was I?......Oh yeah. So being able to portray my personality to potential customers or current customers has been a vital piece of the puzzle in building my business brand.

Instantaneous Service

The days of waiting a few days for an answer to a question are long gone, Google killed that with one kickass search engine.

People want answers…...I want answers!.... today, now, while I'm here on your website or while I'm thinking of it.

I don't need a to-do list when I can answer someone immediately, then they are happy and my mind is cleared…..

homer simpson monkey brain
mmmm monkey

Well not that clear…. But at least I have nothing to forget.

I can talk to my developers and get on top of an issue without the back and forth waiting for an email… it’s like talking but quiet!

What about the other channels?

Some might say: “Why don't you just get on the phone with them dummy?”

Excellent question my inner-role playing personality….

I don't have time to be on the phone chatting to everyone, sure it still has a place but I work from home, and when I'm running after screaming kids and someone needs help, then I can shoot them and answer and get back to stopping the kids from throwing Lego at each other.

Two crises averted with one swoop!

Join in the community

If you use Slack in your business awesome! Join in on my community and get help from me, starting with G Suite.

For those that don’t use Slack yet, then it’s a great way to get started. Follow this link → www.shooshmonkey.com/slack and join up. Then see what it’s like and if you could use it in your business.

I might expand on the subjects at some later stage but to start off with it’s G Suite Tips ‘n’ Tricks.  I’ll be posting regular hints and tips on how I use G Suite in my business that can help you use it in yours.

I’ll be demonstrating some of the cool features in Slack too so you can get some great ideas to use in your business to save time and open up the communication channels!

I’m happy to help in anything! Let’s get this party started!

Join my #Slack group and start getting hints and tips on using G Suite effectively

Like the Beatles said...
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