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Common questions and answers on a page called the FAQ.  If you have one that isn't covered here then please tell us via the 
web form and we'll get it answered for you and add it to this page.

What is Google Apps for Work?

Google Apps for Work is a powerful productivity suite that underpins your business.  Similar to the Microsoft Office product suite but on steroids!  It's a business domain, application suite (Docs is like Work, Sheets is like Excel, Gmail is like Outlook, Slides is like PowerPoint etc) + much more and all backed by a cloud computing environment which has a guaranteed 99% up time.  

If you were to run a standard Microsoft small office setup you would be up for large setup costs (server and licences, over $1000) + support service (more expensive, greater than $70 per seat!) and then upgrade costs over time as the equipment and apps age.  Google Apps updates in the background and all it takes is to refresh the page.  Support costs are far less as the product is built for business, so it's stable and robust.

What does the "cloud" or "cloud computing" mean?

Basically, this is just a buzz word for taking your business online.  Instead of installing applications on your PC you buy comparable services that are provided by 3rd party vendors and your data is available anywhere and usually on any device.   
There are pro's and con's to any solution and we're happy to help you out making a decision, even if it's for a product we don't directly recommend or support like Office 365.  There are many solutions available and there is no "one size fits all" but there are many very good single and complimentary cloud services available.

How do I get a promo code?

Promo codes are available when we run a special event or marketing campaign.  Otherwise if you see a good deal, let us know and we will usually honor it.  Check out the "Current Promotions" link in the More menu for the latest deals.

What automated solutions do you provide?

We work with you to develop scripts or applications that run in your Google domain plus we have some that will soon be available to purchase from our collections page (coming soon).  We don't control or own them, you do and they run from within your Google Apps domain.  Just imagine you have a repetitive task that you do everyday/week/month like compiling a report or imputing data to multiple services.  We can develop simple tools that will free up your time or enhance your productivity.  Lets talk.

I see other IT Support charge $70+ per person or PC, why are your prices so competitive?

We used to as well because other products are a pain to support.  Google Apps for Work is not.  Simple.  We don't want to charge lots of money to support a product that doesn't require large amounts of support attention.  We recommend Google for Work over and above everything else and no longer provide support options for the other know who you are! 

Are Sea Monkeys really monkeys?

No. Sea-Monkey is a brand name for brine shrimp—a group of crustaceans that undergo cryptobiosis—sold in hatching kits as novelty aquarium pets. Invented in 1957 by Harold von Braunhut, the product was heavily marketed, especially in comic books, and remains a presence in popular culture. - wikipedia

What does technology support mean?

We believe that the term "computer support" is starting to get a little dated.  In our business and our personal lives we are surrounded by different types of "computers" from our fitness bracelets and watches to our fridges and online service providers.  So we prefer the term technology support because our service doesn't stop at your computer or laptop, it extends to provide information and help with all the technology you surround yourself within your business, and if you ask nicely we can help you with your personal tech too!

Can I move my business to Google Apps by myself?

Yes you can, but migrating existing data from services such as Office 365 can be a little tricky (competing companies don't always like to play nice!) so we're here to help if you get stuck should you choose to go it "solo".  If you're starting from scratch then creating a new Google Apps for Work account is very easy... so easy in fact that we do that for FREE!.  Once you're up and running we can tune it to enable some handy features and security tweaks then give you some in depth training saving you time and reducing the learning curve.

Can I make my own websites with Webflow?

Yes! Of course you can but we offer to do that for you.  Even though Webflow is super simple there is a little learning curve and you will need to spend a few hours creating your website, even from a template.  So we take the burden of labor off your shoulders and create you a beautiful, functional and responsive website

My brother makes monkey noises all the time, will he turn into one?

No.  Boys are silly and sometimes act like their primate decedents but they are and always will be an anatomically modern human person.  One day he will grow up and behave, but until then just throw him a banana and enjoy 5 minutes of peace and quiet.

Is my data safer in the cloud then on premise?

We believe it is safer but we won't push our beliefs on you.  We would prefer you to decide what's best for your business and what your are most comfortable with.  
Let's have a look at why you might think your on premise solution means that your data is controlled only by you.  It is... to a certain extent.  By this we mean if you keep your Servers and PC's updated, patched, secured and firewalled, if your staff do not click on phishing links in emails and your HDD (Hard Disk Drives) storage have a redundancy strategy in place (like a Raid array or regular backups) and regularly audit then your data is "generally" safe.  
But some of these strategies do have aspects that are out of your control.  And don't forget, your already trusting 3rd party companies with your your current operating still sends information about you using their product back to their servers for convenience, statistics or analysis.
Having your data online does mean you release your aforementioned perceived "total control" into the hands of a third party such as Google, Microsoft and Dropbox.  But think about it, they have the incentive, skills, ability AND they have the motivation to ensure that their business integrity and your data remains safe.  
It's their business to keep your data secure.  So we ask you to just have a think, is your data really 100% under your control? And is the effort and expense of on-premise worth it?

What is a Google for Work tune-up?

A Google for Work tune-up involves an audit of your Google for Work environment and how you use it.  Then we give you a report and implement the recommendations so you get more out of your Google for Work service.  Our expertise in Google for Work will turn on time saving unused features, improve safety through compliance policies and provide training to staff so they understand the product so they are more productive.

‍I tried to migrate my email to Google and now my email stopped working?

Ha! classic you.  That's no problems, we can fix that up for you in a jiffy.   Just contact us and we will get right on it! What we recommend is that you don't delete any existing DNS entries or settings for your current solution, rather add a redirect to forward to Google Apps while your learning and transitioning.  This means no downtime for your business.
Don't worry, this is a very common scenario and can be fixed fairly easily but if we could suggest for the future is that before you make any changes,  email us for advice or read these documents first as they outline the steps involved to migrate your data to Google Apps for Work.  If that all looks like too much work then contact us to do it for you, we’ll have it done before you can say “superfragilisticexpia…..ummm……. mary poppins!”

Is there a monkey heaven?

Hmm. Nobody knows.
Someone once said "there's no such thing as a silly question" but I'm willing to bet that this one comes pretty close.