software development for agile businesses

We craft custom software solutions that gives your business the competitive edge

your idea, our creative execution

You know the software you're using isn't quite perfect. But how do you solve it?

We can help you! Our team is ready to build your idea and be your software development partner.

We listen to how you run your business, then create amazing software with you to make your operations 100% effective!

Custom software is an investment in your business.

See why software is an investment
Companies like you trust us:
Customise Google Sheets & Docs

An app should compliment your workflow, even if that means designing it inside a Google Sheet or Doc.

Connect and Sync data with cloud services

We can create apps that keep your services in sync and leverage your existing data in new and innovative ways.

Visualise and share your company data

Creating custom dashboards and reports to see your data at work increases efficiency.

Deliver efficiency

Optimise your services through data analysis and machine learning algorithms.

Calendar integrations

Keep everyone in the loop with automated scheduling through calendar integrations.

Engage new customers through chat bots

Engage, triage and serve your customers instantly with a bot. Connected to Facebook Messenger or Google Assistant they can serve your customers or sell products while you sleep.

We craft software that increases your operational effectiveness

Optimise your greatest asset

Staff are your greatest asset but only ~67% of their paid wages are revenue-generating! Holidays and sick leave make up for ~23% of your staff costs and out of the remaining hours productivity is generally measured at ~85%.

It makes sense to automate and optimise their revenue-generating time!

Software as an Investment

What if you were to 3x your companies output through custom software? Our clients have seen these results and more from investing in software.

Software that increases your output and reduces in cost year after year IS an investment in your business.

What our customers say

Some nice words from the lovable bunch of rascals we help

Sympateco Inc.

We needed a TEAM of automation support specialists for our software development project. Shoosh Monkey worked with us to review our needs, organize priorities and set realistic goals then achieved it in the timeframe expected. The experience was Fantastic! - Rewarding! - Addictive!

Wow Pictures

I needed help in building a custom application to increase the efficiency of my scheduling process. The result was Brilliant! Our scheduling app is bigger and better than I had first visualised. It has helped the business streamline the production function and identify opportunities for increased shoot capacity.

Go Live Australia

Shoosh Monkey not only set up Better Scheduling but also set up all our communication IT requirements (G Suite) so managers and staff could all be on the same page. We like their face-to-face communication and if an issue arises, it is fixed fast.

Owners Corporation
Pearl Apartments Kingston

What sets Shoosh Monkey IT Solutions apart is the fact that they take the time to understand the impact of what the Owners Corporation is trying to achieve, and adds tremendous value by suggesting innovative and cost-effective solutions.

KR Installations

We stumbled upon Shoosh Monkey IT Solutions looking for integration's for our project management software [WorkflowMax]. They have been a very valuable find for our business and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Body Intel Pilates

I’d put off updating the website for a while thinking there would be a lot involved, with Shoosh Monkey the job was finished fast and the process simple. Our website is now top position for local searches. Less calls and emails from clients about the services, and more clients making direct purchases straight away through the website!

Synchronous Electrical

Shoosh Monkey IT Solutions helped us overcome a lack of features in a essential software product [WorkflowMax] by building the software we needed as an add-on for it [that soon became Better Scheduling for WorkflowMax]. Since then they have been been our Google Apps consultants, love your work!

Blitz Security

Made the switch to G Suite and after attempting to "do it myself" Shoosh Monkey came to the rescue.  They have been a valuable support partner and we are even partnering on other software development projects together.

Marketing while you sleep

People are no longer emailing each other, chat is the new medium to engage and help your prospective customers and current clients.

With 50-80% open and click through rates chat bots are the new lead generation machines.

See how chat bots can help your business, let ours teach your how!
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Our Development Process

A 30,000ft view of what our process looks like

The consultation process is never a single event instead we believe in a continuous flow of discussion throughout the process and beyond.
The design phase is the most intense part of the process, measure twice, cut once!
We drink lots of coffee and build like little robots... monkey robots. Throughout the process you can track the progress of all tasks in our Project Management system.
We deploy, you test, then we iterate and improve.

MODERN SOFTWARE requires progressive thinking

Technology is changing the way we do business. That means your business must harness the available technology to secure your competitive advantage.

Our unique approach to software enables us to deliver products and tools that are outside conventional design.

"Any product that needs a manual to work is broken"
-Elon Musk

We think differently about software, we believe in this statement and it's the mantra that drives us to create a better software world.