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Unlimited Tasks, Support and Training for all of your team
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Worried about all the administration of your G Suite account with staff coming and going? We'll take care of that for you.

With unlimited tasks to manage your cloud technology we are the smart choice for small business enterprises.

Let your staff focus on growing your business and we'll take care of your technology and training. Providing your staff the tools, training and support is the best investment you can make for your business.

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Unlimited Tasks

With unlimited technical tasks in all the plans your team can fire away and you don't have to worry about budget blowouts.

It's super simple too. Just email your tasks in and we'll do them. That's it!

Technical tasks are any pieces of work that can be done within 30 mins, some example of Tasks are here.

Shoosh Monkey concierge service tasks

teach them to fish...

The new support model is about helping your staff use the tools they need to take your business to the next level.

We teach them to use your business cloud services and be more productive which in turn encourages innovative thinking for your business.

Teaching your staff is a better investment than paying a team to keep outdated systems running.

Shoosh Monkey training academy

help desk support

Sometimes you just want to talk to someone, we agree!

We offer priority support channels (phone, email, chat) for your staff to contact us for support, general questions or training.

With unlimited tasks per month your staff can request all the help they need and your budgeting is easy.

Shoosh Monkey help desk and support

data protection

All our plans include complete data protection for all your staff with our backup partner CloudAlly

Why do you need to backup cloud data?

All cloud services like G Suite rely on the trash bin for recovery. This is fine for accidental deletions but will not save your business if your trash is emptied or is encrypted by ransomware. To truly protect your business data you need an automatic, incremental and unlimited backup solution.

Shoosh Monkey data protection and backup

Get Unlimited Support Tasks & Training for your team

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What are tasks? Here are some ideas:

Task: add/remove accounts

Add/Remove/Suspend staff accounts

Task: onboard new staff

Onboard new staff / conduct training

Task: tune G Suite

Tune your G Suite account

Task: created branded templates

Create business branded templates for Google Docs

Task: vet other cloud services

Research and set up new cloud services*

Task: administer mobile devices

Mobile Device Management and Administration**

Task: tell you a joke

Tell you a joke

Task: minor coding work

Minor coding work

Task: backup and restore tasks

Backup and Restore tasks

Task: Google sheet formulas

Assist with Google Sheet formulas and minor scripts

Task: website updates or Google Site creation

Make changes and update Website content** OR set up an Intranet using Google Sites

Task: set up domains and DNS

Set up new Domains and DNS

Task: set up new devices

Set up new devices

Task: clean the fridge

Clean the fridge***

Task: talk to 3rd party support

Talk to 3rd party support on your behalf

* Limitations apply, Supported Services Only
** Applicable Subscriptions Only
*** Fridge must be in Canberra... oh and really tiny.... :)
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