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We build software to empower your staff and increase productivity. From tools built for G Suite to flexible, scalable cloud solutions.

Using same infrastructure that powers Pokemon Go, modern development techniques and frameworks we build the tools to streamline your operations.

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our latest work

Film Production Quoting System
Custom CQP (Configure / Price / Quote) solution for the film production industry
Xero Integration (under construction)
Building a simple UI and smart automation for a manufacturing company which gives all employees a simple way to add orders (invoices) and update returns (credit notes) from any browser screen without accessing Xero.
Building an MVP with G Suite
Before investing substantial time and effort into a custom internal product, Simmark wisely chose the proven MVP route to craft and refine their dream solution.
Custom software development for manufacturing
Customised shipping labels and printing with a Google Sheet.
Google Directory Editor
Google doesn't allow adding or deleting contacts from the corporate G Suite Directory so we built an editor in a G Sheet
Production Shoot Organiser
Manage your production crew schedule from a Google Sheet
Better Scheduling for WorkflowMax
We built the missing piece - a scheduling add-on for WorkflowMax - connect and manage your Jobs and Tasks from your Google Calendar
Custom Building Reports
Generating individual reports for 2000+ rooms for a construction site isn't difficult when you automate it using G Sheets

responsive development

With custom software, you get the features and improvements much faster than commercial software.

We follow a responsive development framework called "Burndown" which is the best of the contemporary development strategies.

We don't plan long development timeframes between updates, we iterate on fast micro-cycles giving you the features you need faster.

Our goal is to build flexible tools that fit seamlessly into your unique business workflow.

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