Production Shoot Organiser

Manage your production crew schedule from a Google Sheet

What do you do when the client likes working a unique way?

support them with innovative software design!

Wow Pictures producer Caitlin loved using spreadsheets as the sorting and filtering of information is super easy and it's a familiar interface to work with. So we went through her elaborate process for booking, scheduling and communicating with crew for upcoming production shoots and decided to build a scheduling system into her workflow.

First we automated the time consuming process of typing names into the sheet by integrating their contacts into the G Suite Directory and using tagging we retrieve only those marked for production use. 

With sharing enabled for the corporate directory her co-workers can use the contacts in emails or synched to their mobile phones when on the go.

Each client company (brand) can be created with preferred crew members and these pre-populate the sheet when the client books a studio for a production shoot saving tons of time.

When a studio is tentatively booked by a client an event is automatically pushed to the studios associated calendar with the details of the shoot available for support staff like catering to know how many crew to provide food for.

Then the day before the event, with a single click she can compile a production shoot PDF from the sheet data and email to every confirmed crew member and staff required to attend saving time and eradicating mistakes with incorrect email addresses. Now Caitlin can go back to doing what she does best, producing great media for their clients!

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