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Your end-to-end G Suite development agency

hourly rate per developer
Hourly Rate Projects
Fixed Price Projects

Do you need a custom integration? Let's chat about your idea.

  • Fixed Price
  • Hourly rate
  • custom applications
  • custom Add-ons
  • g suite specialists
  • Integrate with other cloud aPIs
  • built on the google cloud platform
  • ongoing security patching
  • additions and support
let's discuss your idea

For teams under 10 staff

  • Unlimited Jobs
  • 1 Active Job
  • Priority "Helpdesk" Support Channels
  • custom app support + updates
  • Curated training packages
  • 24h Response Time
  • up to 10 Staff
  • g suite backup (2 accounts)
  • video call training
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Data Migration
App development cost separate
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For teams of 10 or more (up to 20)

  • unlimited jobs
  • 2 active jobs
  • Priority "Helpdesk" Support Channels
  • custom app support + updates
  • Curated Training Packages
  • 12h response time
  • up to 20 staff
  • g suite backup (all accounts)
  • Video Call training
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Data Migration
App development cost separate
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No lock-in contracts, you can cancel at anytime.

do you have g suite?

G Suite is the central hub for your operations, it is where your business email, documents, storage & communications are based.

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Not a G Suite customer yet? No problems, fill out the form and we can sign you up.

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Thanks, We will contact you very shortly. If you need anything please email hello@shooshmonkey.com

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Sign up and give us some work. Then see if we're a good fit for your business.

If not, just say so and we'll refund your money back. No problemo!


What is a Job?

A job is any task that takes no more than 30 minutes to complete. While we aren't strict on that limit, it's a good rule of thumb. A job can consist of any work covered here.

What are active jobs?

Active jobs are the number jobs we can do at the same time. You can submit any amount of jobs you like and they will be queued but we are only able to work on 1 job at a time for the Business Plan and 2 jobs at the same time for Pro plans.

Is it really no risk?

YEP! Well not to you, only to us. But if we haven't done right by you then you deserve your money back.... and we always do right by our customers! :)

My Brother Makes Monkey Noises All The Time, Will He Turn Into One?

No. Boys are silly and sometimes act like their primate descendants but they are and always will be an anatomically modern human person. One day he will grow up and behave, but until then just throw him a banana and he'll be quiet.

Is it really unlimited?

YES!.... but as with all services, we employ a fair use policy. We'll let you know if you're starting to push the friendship and it's only to make sure we can offer the best possible service for everyone.

Are Sea Monkeys really monkeys?

No dummy. Sea-Monkey is a brand name for brine shrimp - a group of crustaceans that undergo cryptobiosis which are sold in hatching kits as novelty aquarium pets - simple.

What are all the service inclusions?

Details about our service are located here on our public intranet, this is our live statement of services which includes any extras or upgrade features.

Does a Job cover application updates?

Sometimes. If it's a minor update that doesn't require testing (ie. update text, move a box, change colours) then we can do that. Otherwise we will consult you with how to move forward and any extra costs.

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what the heck is concierge support?

It's peace of mind knowing that there is help for you and your staff when you need it.

This is how we like to think of it.

Remember when you go to a hotel, and the difference between a poor experience or a memorable one are those little things. From staff that go down the street to get you the last soda to the unexpected bottle of champagne on arrival.

We are the welcome chocolate on your pillow... everyday!

Is that weird? You get what we mean, every time you step into the office we want you to feel like your technology is under control. And if you need, just contact the concierge and we'll make everything better.