Better Scheduling for WorkflowMax

We built the missing piece - a scheduling add-on for WorkflowMax - connect and manage your Jobs and Tasks from your Google Calendar

Synchronous Electrical had a problem, they used this great piece of software called WorkflowMax but the staff scheduling was not easy to use. He wanted to be able to manage his staff calendars, let them manage their calendars too but without the need for a new piece of software.

Tom uses G Suite in his company so when he approached me with this idea, I said Google Sheets would be a great place to build that!

Using the WorkflowMax API and the Google Calendar API we built a 2-way sync between WorkflowMax and Google Calendar. When Tom updates a Job, it flows through to his staff calendars. When his staff reschedules their work in Google Calendar, the changes are reflected back in WorkflowMax.

Building a 2-way sync like this was tricky for sure but we designed some great mechanisms to overcome the limitations. Tom agreed to let us expand on this software and it's now available to everyone branded as - Better Scheduling for WorkflowMax.

You can head on over to our landing page to see more about what this project evolved into. Needless to say, Tom gets free use and upgrades to this product thanks to his idea and initial funding.


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