Building an MVP with G Suite

Before investing substantial time and effort into a custom internal product, Simmark wisely chose the proven MVP route to craft and refine their dream solution.


  1. Build a client maintenance and repair database with minimal UI (User Interface) coding (guess what product suite we chose...?)
  2. Design a MVP system that could be altered and refined quickly and inexpensively
  3. Drastically streamline the current process


Using a Google Sheet we can easily replicate a database solution for very low cost. This also has the benefit of allowing the team to see the data and understand how it works instead of a "black box" as is the usual case.

In order to marry the database with a UI we chose Google Forms for the staff to input all the data, Google Forms gives us the ability to pre-fill the form with data from the sheet and create unique app-like experiences thanks to Google Apps Script which we are experts in and use for most of our projects.

With the form pre-filled the staff members only have to enter in the minimal amount of data turning 20 mins of work into 2. The forms can be printed off for service technicians to take on-site or they can access via a link on their mobile phones.

Now that the data is structured in the Google Sheet we can then begin to deliver unique insights to the staff and their customers using customised reports..... coming soon.

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