Custom software development for manufacturing

Customised shipping labels and printing with a Google Sheet.

Iteration, improvement and innovation is part of Sympatecos core mission and they practice this everyday with a new store being designed, manufactured and shipped almost everyday. 

Their systems are complex and elaborate and we were lucky enough to be introduced to them which was the catalyst for this project.

Sympateco used to import all their csv data into an Excel spreadsheet and spend about 20 mins per job setting up the macro, choosing columns to import and managing errors mail-merge the data into a predefined coded label format. 

This was time consuming, laborious, prone to errors and boring!

With a single click we took all the data from their project spreadsheet and exported to a Google Doc, converted to a PDF then emailed the team with a link ready to print. This 20+ minute task is now completed in a few seconds.

  • No more mistakes and double handling
  • Label design can be easily updated in a Google Doc by the customer without developer input
  • Parts are filtered out that have no quantity value
  • Sheet locking only allows it to be run from a specific sheet to protect against accidental triggering.

Breaking out their items into packing boxes ready for shipping also was a tedious and time consuming task. They were manually sorting part numbers and deciding if they are packed in pairs or as single items.

We also automated this process allowing them to select an item, and the sheet would break out the items into packs of 2 or singular packing boxes. Including itemised labeling to ensure all boxes were packed together when shipping.

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