Xero Integration (under construction)

Building a simple UI and smart automation for a manufacturing company which gives all employees a simple way to add orders (invoices) and update returns (credit notes) from any browser screen without accessing Xero.

Project includes:

  • Simple UI interface available anywhere (Chrome Extension)
  • Add client from Xero
  • Multiple Branch locations for each client contact (Google Cloud DataStore)
  • buying groups for client contacts
  • Update Notes
  • Add items with QTY calculations for shipping (Google DataStore/Cloud Functions)
  • Auto reconcile assistance for statement items - find invoices and credit notes to match statements
  • export delivery notes in XML for transport company
  • + much more

The Problem

SGS Gases were expanding their operations internationally and needed to move from their existing on-premise accounting solution to a cloud-based system. Foxibility was chosen to help them migrate to Xero and they engaged Shoosh Monkey to design a system that works seamlessly with Xero but tailored to their very unique needs. Xero was missing some vital features that were needed in order for SGS to completely move their accounting to the cloud.

The Solution

We built a Chrome extension that would allow SGS to enter in invoices (orders) and credit notes (returns) in a vastly simplified UI (User Interface). This submitted the data in Xero on the users behalf via the Xero API allowing us to create some time-saving features in the process.

Auto Deposits

SGS Gases charge a deposit for each bottle they sell with gas, this is automatically calculated by the bottle size and added to the invoice.

Weight Calculation

SGS need to know the weight of each order so they can decide what type of pallet and how many to use. We auto calculate this for them but they wanted manual control so we sum the weight of all the bottles to help them with their work.

Export to XML for Transport

Their transport company required an XML file upload and don't have an API. We then generate an XML file of the order with all the attributes required by the transport company, 1 click download and 1 click upload. Simple!

Print heavily customised Invoices and packing slips

SGS needed heavily customised invoices included split sub-totals. This wasn't possible in Xero so we calculate everything they need and output to a specialised template.

Search, retrieve and edit Orders and Returns

What would a simple interface be without the ability to totally manage their orders so they can search by invoice number, client or client branch to find and then edit their orders and returns. These appear without all the previously mentioned deposit items too keeping it super clean.

Multiple Branches per contact

Xero only supports single contacts, so we built a secondary database to hold branches and addresses for all their clients. The invoices are sent to the parent company or buying group but the delivery will be sent to the branch.

Buying Groups

Buying groups are syndicated companies who buy in bulk. The items are delivered to the branch outlet but the invoice is sent to the buying group.

Automated reconciliation help of statement items

To help with the massive amount of invoices they had reconcile on a weekly or monthly basis we built an algorithm that matched statement amounts to invoice and credit note combinations for the client, branch or buying group. Xero's API doesn't allow for programatically reconciling these (yet) but we add the CR Note to the invoice to make the process of manual reconciliation much easier.

Email of Invoices to buying groups

Using SendGrid we email the clients, branches or buying groups with the heavily customised invoice then mark the items in Xero as sent.

Bulk processing

We allow them to bulk process all the sales through the app and automatically send invoices to a select few or all clients that purchased in a given time.

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