Custom Building Reports

Generating individual reports for 2000+ rooms for a construction site isn't difficult when you automate it using G Sheets

Generating individual reports for over 2000 rooms with disparate data from a large scale construction building would normally be a chore and take weeks. 

But the team at Praxis thought outside the box and engaged us to build a simple but effective script that creates professional reports for each of the 2000+ rooms in their latest construction project.

Praxis receives data from various contractors in the project and are required to generate these new reports at various stages of the construction project. Most of the data is manipulated in a Google Sheet so we built all the functionality they need into the G Sheet using a Google Apps Script add on.

First the data is sorted and cleanded in a Google Spreadsheet then with a single click it's exported row by row to a Google Doc template (1 room to a page) with each of the room inclusions such as fittings,substrate, furniture and colours formatted accurately. Then it's converted to a multi-page PDF and saved in a nominated Google Drive folder, in all taking about 4 minutes to complete.

A task that would have taken weeks of work can now be repeated anytime they want in just a few minutes. They can use this in all their projects now saving thousands of dollars in labour.

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