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Finding Gmail attachments

Finding attachments in Gmail conversations isn't quite as intuitive as it "could" be. But once you know where to find them it's simple.

Visual Search

To find the attachments the old fashioned way by looking at them simply find the email conversation you're after, then select it to open it up to see the whole conversation:

select the email conversation in your inbox
Find the conversation the old fashioned way... looking!

In this view you could have multiple emails in the conversation, Gmail squishes these down and shows you the first email (top) and the last email or most recent (bottom). The rest are hidden away and you can expand them by clicking on the "X older messages" section.

expand all messages in the gmail conversation

Now you can see the email in the conversation that have the attachments by the paper clip icon

paper clip shows which emails have the attachments

Then simply click on those emails to open them up and reveal the attachments:

email attachments at the bottom of the opened email

NOTE: What ever you do, don't expand the email history from inside another email using the ellipsis otherwise you're emails will be messy and hard to read.... it sucks I know....

don't expand the email thread with the ellipsis... yuk!

Using search (recommended)

In the Gmail search bar, type in the search request like this:

from:[personsEmailAddress] has:attachment

using search to find emails with attachments is way faster!
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