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Gmail Basics | Labels and Conversations

Not only does G Suite give you a business grade Gmail account with your company domain so that your all totally professional looking, loads of compliance policies for those who like/need that stuff...


it has some really distinct features from other email clients which can be confusing at first glance....the video at the end from the Apps Show will demo Gmail basics for you and give you some great resources you can access anytime to "get learned better"! (I know that's a dumb sentence) here we go......wooooot!


To access: 

Type in your browser


Labels are just like folders, it's how you are able to categorise your emails but instead of only being able to keep a single email in 1 folder, you can assign multiple labels to each email (like Tags) which is really great when a single email contains multiple categories or references.


This one can be a little confusing but i'll explain it as best I can.  Like most email clients, Gmail refers to a group of emails to the same person (such as reply to's) as a conversation.  But unlike most email clients a conversation is set out with the first email in the conversation at the top and the most recent appended to the bottom of the conversation.... it's upside down!  

When you open a conversation you will find the most recent at the end of the conversation list (down the bottom).

Here's the catch...

when you start typing a new response to the conversation the history will then append itself to the end of that email below the ellipsis (those three dots that hide the truncated trail). It can be a little confusing and I still don't know why they do it but keep that in mind.

Gmail conversation history can get a bit confusing... don't worry you're not alone

Now a video from the guys at the Apps Show! 

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