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Tips for using Google Calendar

Get the Chrome Extension

Quickly see your calendar from any tab using the Chrome Extension by Google. One click in any screen of your Chrome browser and you can see your schedule and event create new events!

google calendar chrome extension

Create custom calendars

Google Calendars allow you to create custom calendars to use for any purpose you need. It’s good for things like a team calendar. Another idea is to create specialised calendars that you can enable and view only when you need to so that your regular calendar doesn’t get too cluttered, an example is I have my Stripe due payments synced to a custom calendar and if I need to see what payments are due I just enable it. Project and release schedules is another as that can be quite busy on it’s own.


To create a custom calendar just click the triangle ‘twistie’ next to the My Calendars title and select Create New Calendar


Then name your calendar, set the sharing and you’re done!

Share your calendars

Sharing your calendars can be really useful, you can set global sharing settings in your Admin panel > Apps > G Suite > Calendar > Sharing settings (Ask your admin to do this for you if you need) OR share your personal/custom calendars individually. This is great for keeping contractors in the loop with projects etc.


Next to the calendar you want to share, click the triangle ‘twistie’ and select Share This Calendar



The share settings are down the bottom, and have two parts to it. You can make it public or share to your domain, or share it to individuals.


To share to individuals add the email address of the person you want to share it to and select the access levels:


See only free/busy (hide details)

The members will only see blocked out sections and no details of the event such as name, description etc. They can not change anything in the event.

See all event details

The members will be able to open the event and see all the details but can’t change anything in the event.


Make changes to events

The members will be able to change the schedule, name, description of the event.


Make changes and manage sharing

The members will have full access to the calendar including adding and removing members.



Allow invitees to change/reschedule the event

It’s a pain when you send a meeting request, someone else can’t make it so they email you to change the event time… checking this option will allow them to send an update to the meeting for everyone to accept.



Even better is the Suggested Times feature, if the end users have allowed access to their calendars or they use Google Calendars then Google will be able to show you the best times for the meeting that everyone is available.


Change the Owner (Chair) or copy to a new calendar

Let's say you can no longer make a meeting but want someone else to take your place, or you organised the meeting but don’t need to be involved directly. Then you can change the owner of a meeting to someone else in your team.


Simply click the More Actions drop down and select Change Owner… and move the chairperson role to someone else.







Subscribe to interesting calendars

Sometimes you just want to be aware of what’s happening around you, like knowing when Ramadan starts or national/state holidays.


To find and subscribe, just click on the Other Calendars ‘twistie’ and select Browse Interesting Calendars.


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