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How to assign staff to a registered calendar

If you receive an email advising:

Just letting you know that you need to assign Staff to a registered Google Calendar for [Job number] - [Job Name] - [Client] please go to [URL of Spreadsheet]

Then this means that you have assigned a Job in Workflow Max to a staff member but their calendar is not registered in the Integration add on. To fix this either click the link to the sheet given in the email and update the job with the correct registered staff member OR go to the sheet link given in the email, close the conflict window.  Go to the Workflow Max Setup > Step 2. Connect Google Calendar(s)

connect your Google calendars

And select the check box next to the staff members name, then select the staff members calendar from the drop down list.

map your WFM staff to a calendar

REMEMBER: The staff member drop down list will show all the calendars the staff member has created or added to their view.  Please make sure this calendar you choose is not being used by another registered staff member.

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