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How to make tabs load on startup for everyone in G Suite

Stop wasting time loading the same pages every morning. This setting will save you time and help your new staff to use the applications you run your business with.

G Suite offers lots of control for the Chrome browser but not too much that it’s overwhelming…. and there are a few which are great for increasing productivity.

Pages to Load on Startup is a great example of a hidden policy that nobody uses but I find extremely handy.

let's say:

you have the same pages you and your staff always use 


you want to get your staff in the habit of using a service more often then you can enforce certain pages to load up when your staff open their Chrome browser (as long as they are logged into your G Suite domain).

If you're a domain admin then go to and sign in. Nnavigate to Device Management > Chrome Management > User Settings and type in pages to quickly find that policy.

Paste the URLs you want to load in the text box (one per line) and then hit save.

Give it 2-5 mins close and reopen your Chrome browser. 


Now everyone in your domain will now have those apps open when they first launch the Chrome browser no time wasted.

Here’s a video to demonstrate for those playing along at home.

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