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How to Setup send as Email in Gsuite

Send As mail is great for using your existing email account to send mail as another user. For example:

You have group which you're a member of and you want to be able to reply to emails as Then you set up Send As permissions so you can reply to your customers as that group and not from your address.

  1. Once you’re logged in with your account, go to the settings option.(Click on the setting icon appearing on the top right side of the page).

2. Go to Accounts section below settings. In the ‘Send mail as’  column click on the"Add another email address" option for the domain you wish to change.

3.  A new window will open and you add in the email address that you want be able to send as that person/group

4. Then click Next Step

5. Then select Send Verification

6. You will get a verification email to that mailbox / user which needs to be accepted by clicking the link in the email or adding the code into the next section

NOTE: If Shoosh Monkey are setting up a secondary email address to flow into your existing Gmail inbox then you will recieve the verification email to this mailbox.

If you clicked the link in the email you can close the above screen. You can always go back into your settings page and enter the code if the link doesn't work.

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