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How to use LastPass to share usernames and passwords

LastPass is the world’s best and safest cloud tool for storing, retrieving and sharing your passwords to date. We prefer you use LastPass to share your user account logins with us for migrating your data to G Suite and for management of your G Suite service if you choose our Cloud Concierge service.


Go to to create your new account. First click on the Get LastPass Free button

When prompted to install the plugin, click Add Extension

Use the new browser plugin to create your new account

Remember, this Database will hold your account passwords, so make the login password (your master key) a really good password.

Next click on the plugin and select Open my Vault

Follow these instructions to add your user accounts in the Sites section

Then share these accounts with myself (, to do this follow the instructions here

That’s it! 

Now your user accounts are securely shared with us to migrate your data.

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