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Save time with Google Docs

Paint Formatting

Easily copy the formatting of one text and and duplicate it to another. Click/highlight the text you want to copy the formatting and then click the paint format button.

Now click/highlight on the text you want to copy the formatting to.

HELP-Docs paint format.gif
Quick format your text with Paint Format


Copy the document link

Easily make a link to send people allowing them a 1-click copy of that document, sheet or slide. Open the document you want to send, copy the url from the address bar and delete the part that says edit and anything else after it:


Eg. (this link will open the full document)


And replace it with the word copy:


Eg. (This link will allow you to make a copy of the document)


Now when the user click the link they will be prompted to make a copy of your file, simple!


Quickly send a link to copy a document


Go ahead, give the above links a try!


You can Quick launch doc's too using similar links like:


Explore with Machine Learning

Google's latest features in Doc,Sheets and Slides incorporate the ML or Machine Learning technology that they have been developing for the last few years.


What does this mean?


We'll it means that they have removed some of the tedious parts of creating a document and automated done it for you in context with what you're creating….. I'll show you.


Easily add context relevant content

Forget searching for images like a chump. Just hit the explore button in web and mobile apps and Google will find relevant images based on what content you have in your document.


Try it, open a new doc now with this link:


In your new doc copy and paste this short paragraph:


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


Now click on the little explore icon in the bottom right hand corner of your page


Explore button


Notice all the results are contextually relevant based in the content in your document.


You didn't have to try to search for any particular item (although you can do that too), Google Docs just understood what your document was about and found you relevant content.


Demo of Docs Explore.gif
Find contextually relevant content with Machine Learning... sweet!


You can now drill down to web content, images or Google Drive searches. And if you just want to search the web for something then you can do that too, all without leaving your Doc.


Tip: All the images are labelled for commercial use and modifications too, no more stressing about using copyrighted material.


You can even drag n drop the related search items into your Doc and Google will automatically adds the citations and links to the source material, how cool is that!


demo of docs explore add content.gif
Drag n Drop content onto your page, complete with citations.

All the tips here can be used in Sheets and Slides too.

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