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What to do when you get a conflict email

When you recieve an email with the following statement:

Just letting you know that there's a conflict for [Job Number] - [Job Name] - [Client Name].  To fix this please go to [URL of Spreadsheet]

This indicates that the job is different in both Workflow Max and Google Calendar.  To resolve this, click on the link to the spreadsheet and wait for the conflict editor window to appear.  The conflict editor window will show 3 columns:  G-Sheet Values, G-Cal Values and WFM Values

WFM Values - shows the data from Workflow Max

G-Cal Values - shows the data from your Google Calendars

G-Sheet Values - Shows what was last synchronised

To update review each of the columns and choose the appropriate values and enter them under the G-Sheet Values column.  When you are satisfied that the G-Sheet Value is correct, click the Update button to sync the correct data to Workflow Max and Google Calendar.NOTE: The Calendar dates in the conflict window is in American format (MMddYYY) but to get the calendar panel to display, click the little downwards pointing triangle on the right hand side of the input field:


 If there are multiple conflicts there will be a red Next button


 on the lower right-hand side of the conflicts editor window to move to the next conflict.

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