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Why can't I use an account to trial Better Scheduling for WFM?

While Gmail might seem like a great way to test out Better Scheduling for WorkflowMax the issue lies in Google's restrictions on those accounts. Because it's a free account, Google puts heavier limitations on apps using their API and server infrastructure.

Better Scheduling needs to connect to Googles APIs and external API services in order to securely transmit your data and because Google gives away Gmail accounts they limit your advanced usage.

New G Suite accounts are also limited like Gmail accounts until 6 months of payments are made. It’s not well documented but there is a workaround in which support advised to pay at least 6 months in advance to unlock the usage limitations.

If you don’t want to connect Better Scheduling to production data / calendars then please follow these instructions to setup a limited functionality Better Scheduling with a consumer @gmail account.

Then you can get the most out of your trial and we can high-five at the end.


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