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With all this talk about moving to the cloud and terms like “hybrid cloud technology” it’s pretty overwhelming as a small business operator to even begin navigating the winding and constantly moving path alone.

But if you’re like the 3 million other businesses on G Suite did you know you’re already sitting on a platform you can use to migrate some (or all!) of your operations to the cloud?

It’s a cloud platform in which you don’t need to pay for servers, you don’t need to worry about ingress and egress traffic or any of those fancy nerd terms AND it’s all included in your G Suite subscription.

It’s called Google Apps Script.

To put it simply, it’s the automation plumbing that is behind almost EVERY G Suite service you already use. You can think of it like the ‘old skool’ macros in Excel, except it’s waaaaay safer, can be easily installed for your entire domain on every sheet, doc and slide presentation your staff open and costs NOTHING to run…. Yep NOTHING!!!

Services like your Docs, Sheets, slides and even Gmail has it baked into its core and you can access the web editor through the tools menu OR create a standalone script that isn’t tied to a service and runs independently …. Say like an APP!

We’ve built tons of apps and tools on Apps Script, even ones that developers and G Suite experts said was impossible but we did it. It’s a super versatile platform that runs inside your G Suite domain so you never have to worry about external data leaks due to a 3rd party losing control of their servers.

You can do things like:

  • Convert PDF files to JPG files in Drive
  • OCR documents and images then output the text to a G Doc (Google Doc)
  • Import data from web sources to a G Sheet
  • Create calendar events based on data in a G Sheet and have these updated automatically (we’ve done this for scheduling apps so 3rd parties like caterers can know all the event details through a shared calendar)
  • Manipulate and manage files on Google Drive
  • Mail-merge (that’s replace tags in documents with live data) customer data into extensive legal documents saving hours of data entry or copy/paste tasks
  • Create a Slack/Twitter/other Bot that relays messages to a channel or sends out marketing on a schedule
  • Send emails to clients with compiled PDF attachments with event details based on data in a G Sheet
  • Create team dashboards with upcoming workloads

The list goes on and on and on and on and on…. But I won’t. Basically you DON’T need a bank loan to get your cloud migration started. You could spend $1000 do create a basic script but that’s the OLD way of doing things.

Abundance is the new strategy, create as much as you want for the same price each and every month. That’s what we do here at Shoosh Monkey, our Apps Script UNLIMITED service allows you to use us 1 time a month or 50 times each and every month…. And it won’t cost you any more.

So if you have been thinking it would be nice to start this cloud migration and automate some processes in your business but felt all these solutions are for big enterprise, think again.

Apps Script is for small businesses to large enterprises and with Apps Script UNLIMITED it’s all within reach and budget for any size business.

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