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I used Godaddy for 5 years before I decided to become an affiliate, I recommended them anyway so why not partner with them I thought.  I use them for all my domains and my client domains as for the single low price (like $12/year for domains) you get all the DNS options required to setup a website or online presence and no hidden costs.  Click this link, I'll get credit and you'll get a 30% discount on new domain registrations! Cool huh?

Favourite feature: DNS editing included & 24hr Customer support - they're great

Cloud Concierge supported service:
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Full disclosure - this is an affiliate link which means I get remuneration from you clicking and signing up at no cost to you. But having said that I have used and promoted this product for years before becoming an affiliate and even considering accepting anything for promoting this. So please be assured that I use this product and only promote it on the basis that I believe it to be worthy of putting my name behind it. Enjoy and thanks for supporting. - Kris