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Setup Better Scheduling for WorkflowMax

We’ve made the setup for Better Scheduling as easy as possible but there are some prerequisites that you should complete first.

NOTICE: If you are using an @gmail account or brand new G Suite account please read this first


1. Get your Account key from WorkflowMax (required):

You need to have your Account key from ready.  NOTE: You should get 1 key from WorkflowMax that is paired to our application. If you receive two keys then you need to add them both in the setup documented below.

2. Add your staff calendars to your calendar view (required):

To map your staff to their G Suite calendars you should have all your staff calendars displayed in your calendar.  For help see these instructions.

3. Create your Workflow Max custom fields (optional):

You need at least the two START TIME and END TIME custom fields created and associated to Job Tasks in WorkflowMax.  For assistance please see these instructions.

Setup Better Scheduling

If you haven’t already, sign up and you will receive an email with a link to copy the sheet.

Re- Welcome to Better Scheduling for WorkflowMax - kris@shooshmonkey com - Shoosh Monkey IT Solutions Mail.jpg

Clicking the link with give you the option to copy the sheet, make a copy and save it somewhere safe (Default is the root of your Google Drive).

In the sheet, go to the Better Scheduling for WorkflowMax menu and select 🏠Home

This will force the sheet to ask for permissions the first time

Click Continue

Then accept the permissions to use the app.

Now in the sidebar menu, select Setup Wizard

WFM2GCAL-V3 5-DEV - Google Sheets.jpg
NOTE: On smaller screens the Setup Wizard button is hidden by the chat support footer (sorry), this is being fixed but another way is to use the Better Scheduling drop down menu > Setup Wizard

Follow the prompts on setting up your sheet in the wizard or follow along to the video below.

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