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Setup Google Calendars for Better Scheduling

Is the account your using to setup and run Better Scheduling a 'Super Admin'? 

If not then your staff need to share their calendar to you with the permissions:

Make Changes and Manage Sharing

  1. get your staff to click on the menu icon (elipsis) next to their main calendar (in the demo above I'm using a test calendar but you would choose your actual calendar with your name)
  2. Select Settings and Sharing
  3. Scroll down to the section called Share with specific people
  4. add the person to share it with and give them Make Changes and Manage Sharing permissions

see pic....

Add your staff calendars to your calendar view:

Log into Google Calendars with the account that you will use with Better Scheduling.  Then on the left-hand side menu go to Other calendars > add other co-workers calendar

You can assign different colours to the calendars to make them easily recognisable of who they belong to if you click the drop-down next to the staff calendar overlay > Choose colour

Resume setup of Better Scheduling for WorkflowMax

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