Automation: protection against human error

In the wake of the previous weeks huge Amazon service outage we discover that it's all because of human error. If such a huge quality controlled, process bound, automation driven company can suffer from a tiny human mistake…..

You gotta ask….

How many human errors are causing your business to lose money?

Amazon has a pretty good track record with updates and general uptime, especially when you think of the scale they are working at.

But if one tiny typo can bring down a significant portion of the world's hosted platforms imagine how your business would suffer if someone added an extra ‘0’ to the wrong document….? Or left off a ‘0’!?

What if they clicked through a message without reading it only to discover it was a warning that they were about to delete all your business documents?

Human error does happen, and it's likely because the operator is so numb from boredom with the same repetitive tasks that they are switched off and working on “autopilot”.

It has happened to all of us…. or it will happen to all of us….

We now live in a great era of disruption, the machines are better, faster and cheaper to build than ever before.... 

classic no. 5

ummm... not those machines....

Developers of all flavours are readily available from around the globe with the standard of code being raised higher everyday and connecting to the smorgasbord of talented coders is easier than ever before.

Ask yourself, why do you risk the integrity of your business by employing people to do the mundane jobs. What if you let them do what humans are meant to and be creative and compassionate then let the computers do the repetitive brain-drain tasks?

Is it costs, lack of understanding? Perhaps you have thought about some ideas but figured it would be far too expensive for the benefit?

I'd like to tell you that big business automation is now easily accessible to the Small to Medium Enterprise….. at a fraction of the cost.

If you have a G Suite account did you realise that it’s built with automation features to help you get your work done faster and with less errors? G Suite is not only the perfect work tool but is the perfect automation platform to customise and tailor to your business need.

explore feature with machine learning
Explore uses machine learning to speed up the creation process... click to check it out

There is a hidden service in your G Suite product range which most businesses don't even know about…. It's called Google Apps Script. Google built a development environment and into G Suite to allow businesses like yours to add custom functionality to almost all of their products.

To put it simply, you can use Google Apps Scripts to build the features you wish were available or custom workflows you need for your industry. Generate reports from G Sheet data, then email it to a contact group in 1 click….or on a schedule. You can create your own mail merge, build email add-ons or create automated workflows based on a Google Forms submission or add custom functions with menus in Sheets or docs.

Here are some of the important aspects that make Google Apps Script a valuable gem in your G Suite toolkit:

  • Its serverless! No need to pay for servers, custom apps are hosted on Google provided and managed servers inside your G Suite domain.
  • Development language is a variation (really a subset) of JavaScript… JS developers are everywhere!
  • You can build standalone web apps or add-ons for sheets and docs that are public or for your use only
  • Google is soon to release a drag n drop editor so you can build simple apps yourself!

The soon to be released (currently in Early Access) Google App Maker is a new service built on top of Google Apps Script. It allows G Suite users to build custom web applications for their business in minutes without needing to know code…. It's a drag ‘n’ drop style console you can use to create simple applications for your business and integrate all the G Suite services to automate your workflow.


But if you really want to create your own custom workflow from external services in your app, you need to build that with Google Apps Script and a developer.

That's where we come in….

We can take your in-house built App Maker application and connect it to Google's cloud server platform, AWS, Xero, Twitter or anything really!

What about extending your current cloud service with a feature you wish it had…..

Think of all the services you currently use and wish you could do [blank] with it….. that's what we do, we build the features you wish existed in the cloud products you already use and integrate automation for the processes you hate doing or at high risk.

Google's recent 2017 Cloud Next conference highlighted that its focus on G Suite and enterprise grade automation is going to be high on the agenda for this year with lots of new features and services to build bespoke cloud-based applications for small to medium enterprises.

We here at Shoosh Monkey are gearing up to be at the forefront of innovative software integrations for G Suite with some exciting projects which I'm going to write about on our blog.

If you have annoying, tedious and repetitive tasks you think should be automated in your business then don't hesitate to get in contact with me to discuss your next project.

Remember, in small a business... automation is your competitive advantage.

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