Better Scheduling update - September 2017

I have some great news for everyone, but first a little history...

‍Better Scheduling was originally built as a project for a customer who gratefully allowed us to go public and enable many others the ability to schedule and manage staff work in Google Calendar.

Better Scheduling started out with 11 script files (389 lines of code)

This initial version quickly grew in popularity and gave us the confidence to continue the development on this product. We have continued development over the last 12 months to accommodate the needs of all kinds of businesses but we are quickly outgrowing the environment we build this in. Building the product on Google Apps Script behind a Google Sheet was a really nice way to test a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) but it was never a long-term solution.

Today's Better Scheduling with 33 script files (4197 lines of code)

It's time to redesign Better Scheduling for the modern cloud world....

We are now at version 3.7 (due out soon) and  we'll no longer be adding any features to Better Scheduling. We will be fixing errors, bugs and any issues that you find but no enhancements.


We will be concentrating on building a new and completely revised product!


One that will not only enable you to seamlessly review and manage your WorkflowMax Jobs and Tasks from your Google Calendar but schedule your work with less effort and change the way scheduling is done.

Our goal is to extend the functionality of WorkflowMax with a tool that looks, feels and acts like it's a native addition of the project management software you're all so deeply involved in. We are building a product that will remove the overhead associated with scheduling and free you up to work ON your business, not IN it.

I wanted to express my gratitude for all those who have tried or purchased Better Scheduling and given feedback on the product. It's these interactions with passionate users that demonstrate the need for such a tool in your business.

It’s you that guide the development of this product and as such I would love to keep getting feedback and ideas from you all.

Even if Better Scheduling didn’t satisfy your business needs I would love to hear why so we can plan and eventually cater for those use cases too.

Please send your ideas or suggestions to our mailbox → where I'll be reviewing and cataloguing all the feedback and plan out the future for Better Scheduling.

Another aspect that I'm keen on sharing is our development. I have a pet hate…. when I use a product I love to know what’s coming up…. My pet hate is when product developers keep their roadmap a secret and I don't have anything to look forward to. Do I wait for a feature or find something else? Who freakin’ knows!

I'm guessing some of you do this too.

So I'll be sharing our development of this product and also I hope to have a “live roadmap” which you will be able to check into and see how features are progressing.

Now the roadmap we work with isn't a fixed cycle of updates and feature releases. It's a framework taken from the great guys at drift which we are constantly reviewing and improving to suite our needs. Sometimes a feature will be knocked back in place of a bug fix etc. It's a fluid and responsive roadmap that is based on the needs of you, our customers.

I also want to take you behind the scenes and show you what it takes to build a product like this….you can see the highs and lows…... I hope you will find it interesting.

So first up here’s one of my initial workflows for the onboarding process, I use Google Draw to sketch out all my initial ideas, it’s quick and easy (I’ll be writing a post about it soon!).

DSGN-Better Scheduling-Onboarding workflow.jpg

I'd like to hear your thoughts on being transparent with product development too. Either email me or put your comments in the area below.

Thanks for reading and send in that feedback!

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