Share your contacts in G Suite the easy way

In this post I’m going to show your how you can easily share external contacts such as contractors, consultants and vendors with all your staff in your G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) domain.

I’ll show you that it’s not only is this easy to do but it’s very inexpensive and you don’t have to buy into another service that has this feature “tacked on” in order to do it.

So the Global Domain Directory is the best approach to easily sharing contacts with your staff BUT there is no easy way to do it.... until now.  

Google Apps contact Directory

Google Apps for Work global Directory is found all the way down the bottom

What is the Global Domain Directory?  We’ll it’s your G Suite corporate address book or Global Address List as it’s called in other software. It’s generally an address book reserved only to list the staff in your G Suite service…. But that’s a wasted resource.

There IS a way to add custom contacts to this address book with 1 click which makes them available to ALL your staff in your G Suite domain without the need to share the contacts individually.

Forget about getting your own developer to create you an app, we have built one that you and your staff can use within your G Suite domain and it's as simple as a spreadsheet..... OK it is a spreadsheet but this is a really cool one!

The sheet is available to purchase from our new store under the Google Apps Tools section for the humble sum of $49AUD… that’s it, yours to keep and use.  We provide full support documentation on our wiki such as setup and getting started guides.

To enable the integration your domain administrator needs allow directory sharing from your Google Apps admin panel which the instructions are found on our wiki.

Using the sheet is pretty simple, just click on the Domain Directory Sync drop down menu and select "Get Contacts" to retrieve the existing contacts from the directory.

(This is only required if you're editing a contact as the API doesn’t allow direct editing of the contact, if you’re adding a new contact and are certain this doesn’t already exist then you can simply just add the contact...otherwise a duplicate would be created and can corrupt the record).  

When the sheet is populated make your changes and select the operator for each one that is suitable for what you want to do (ADD/UPDATE/DELETE).  When finished select the Apply Changes from the drop down menu and you're done.  

Google does state that the changes can take up to 24hrs to be seen so don't panic if they don't show up immediately! But generally the changes are seen within 10 mins.

So if you want an inexpensive way to share loads of external contacts to your staff without monthly subscription fees then get our Directory Shared Contacts integration today!

If you have any questions that isn't solved by the wiki doco then please, drop us a line or if you're interested in a custom app to help you gain productivity or automate tasks you don't want to do any more, lets chat!  

Happy days!

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