The new Google Calendar

Google's calendar app for the web has long been a sturdy workhorse for G Suite, and until now it's been fairly neglected in the aesthetics department…. :(

But that's about to change!

Over the next couple of weeks Google will finally be rolling out their new calendar.

What do you need to do?

By default you will be given the option to start using the new calendar by way of a button in the top right hand side. You will be asked to choose this as your default calendar which you can switch back to the old calendar at anytime.

Use new calendar button

Please note, the old Calendar will be completely switched off in October 2018 by which time you will have no choice but to use the new calendar.

upgrade to the new calendar option

The new looking interface also comes with some new fancy features which I'll summarise below.

Add multiple time zones to view the “world clock” next to your calendar

If you work with staff across multiple time zones then you now have the option to add them into the side panel below the mini-calendar on the left hand-side.

A better ‘find the time’ experience

When booking a meeting with multiple attendees it can be difficult to find a time that suits everybody. Google Calendar has had this feature (somewhat) for a while now but it hasn’t been a very visually appealing feature (It only displayed some text times to select that would suit all parties). Now it displays your attendee calendars next to each other and and suggests the best time with dimly pulsing events which you can select.

See Room details when booking a room

G Suite admins can now enter detailed information about their organization’s meeting rooms—so employees know where a conference room is located, how large it is, and whether it has audio/video equipment or is wheelchair accessible. Employees can simply hover over the room name in Calendar when they want to book a space, and a hovercard will pop up with details about the conference location and resources.

Add rich formatting and hyperlinks to your Calendar invites.

Link to relevant spreadsheets, documents or presentations in your Calendar invite and open them directly from the new “Event Detail” view. This can help you create more detailed agendas and ensure all materials are in one place before your meeting starts.

Manage multiple calendars side by side in “Day” view.

Now you can view and manage calendars in separate columns. This makes it easier for employees who manage multiple calendars, like administrative assistants, to schedule meetings on behalf of their teams. Click “Day” view and select the calendars you want to compare.

For those with our Cloud Concierge support service:

We are able to adjust the delivery of the new calendar interface to your staff, if you want the calendar turn on by default or turned off for the time being then please email and we’ll update your settings.

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