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This app isn't verified

When opening an app for the first time and attempting to grant access you may see this message:

"Your app isn’t verified"

Unfortunately Google will only authorise single instance applications, as Better Scheduling is copied for each installation this makes verifying the application impossible. But you are able to proceed.

Unverified app authorization flow
Proceeding through the app verification if you're prompted

Follow the instructions below and for more information please see Google's developer site here.

  1. click the "Advanced" link in the lower left-hand corner
  2. then select the "Go to Better Scheduling (unsafe)" link in the lower left-hand corner (Our application is perfectly safe and no information is sent outside of your domain).
  3. You will be prompted for your account, select the account you want to use to authorise Better Scheduling (you may revoke this access at anytime)
  4. Then you will be prompted to accept the authorisation scopes, this is the access the application has in your domain.
  5. Once accepted you are ready to setup Better Scheduling
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