Better Scheduling 3.7 is here!

With a new year comes a new release of Better Scheduling (finally!!). We are busy building out the new version which has caused the delay with releasing 3.7 but I'm happy to say it's finally here! Here's the breakdown of all the fixes and new features!

Oh by the way if you want to upgrade, just send me the sheet details and share the sheet to me - kris at - and i'll update you. See our instructions here.


Easily unassign staff from Google Calendar

If staff don't need to be assigned to a Job or Task, they can just delete the event. This will remove them from the Job/Task in WorkflowMax (WFM). To reassign just add them back to the Job/Task in WFM. 

Great for businesses that what to be able to allow their staff to accept work or nominate availability, assign them to the Job/Task, they leave the event if they accept or delete to not accept the Job/Task. To reset and pull the Job/Task fresh from WFM just delete all the events at the same time, they will all sync from WFM to Google Calendar (GCAL) again.

>> See our help doc for more information <<

Renamed Setup Advanced Options to Advanced Settings

Not much to say here, but 'advanced settings' makes more sense.

Link to synchronisation options help document

We've updated our documentation to give you suggestions for sync interval times you could used based on how many jobs and tasks you have. Access the link from the our Help Doc section on the website or clicking on the What do these settings mean? link in Sync Options.

Sharing sheet details to support auto-adds as an editor

When asked to send the sheet details to me for updating, clicking the Send sheet details to support option sends me all the details I need to access the sheet but not the permissions. This required an extra step but now this happens automatically giving me editor access to update your sheet with a new version. 

To revoke permissions from me just click on the Share button and remove me as an editor. 

(Google) Enable hyperlinks in description field

Yay! Description field now contains rich text links.


Fixed start/end time conflict when left blank

When the start/end custom fields in WFM were blank Better Scheduling would throw a conflict on the next sync. This has been fixed.

Changing owner of job/task wouldn't refresh the calendar with the new changes

When changing the owner of a Job/Task it would sometimes leave the old event in the calendar. It's now changed and correctly transferred to the new owner.

Fixed script file reference to Cloud Platform Project

Updated the Setup Wizard to reflect the new terminology from Google regarding the Cloud Platform Project (formerly "Developers Console Project")

Fixed bug when removing multiple staff wouldn't remove all events

When deleting staff from the Job/Task in WFM sometimes the changes wouldn't delete all the events from GCAL, now it does.

Fixed issue where status wouldn't update event when changed in WFM

Status now updates on next sync. Wicked!

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